Misty Cornwell

Misty Cornwell


Misty Cornwell is a female character rescued by the crew at the beginning of the Second Stage. Found inside a life-pod who was rescued after a clash between the Nirvana and several Harvester units, Misty is from the planet Pluto, in the same solar system as the planet Earth is located. As such, she is well-knowledged in the old-fashioned ideals about men and women, such as the typical boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, which confuses the others and makes Dita feel jealous. Like Dita, Misty is an excellent cook and uses her knowledge of men along with that to her advantage. Though she later gives up on trying to win Hibiki’s heart, she does allow Dita to realize her own affections for Hibiki. Meanwhile she turns her attention towards Meia, seeing her as a new love interest to suffice her loneliness. With Meia's help she eventually learns to be a part of the crew. She is sometimes seen with a blob-like creature named Q-chan hovering on her left shoulder, which form changes depending on Misty’s current state of spirit.

Misty does not appear in the manga.

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