Magno Vivan

Magno Vivan


Magno Vivan is the commander of the pirates and everyone addresses her “Boss” (“Okashira” in the Japanese version, which was translated as “captain”). She is one of the first-generation colonists from Earth that was on board the Ikazuchi colony ship, hoping to populate other planets around the galaxy. She is over a hundred years old and is filled to the brim with knowledge and wisdom, most of which reflects the same kind of wisdom that can be applied to both genders, before their separation into Mejare and Taraak. She often hands out pieces of advice and directs the crew in their duties.

Also, though not directly stated, she may be Hibiki Tokai’s sister. This can be derived from the picture she has of herself on the colonization ship holding the infant Hibiki. However, it can be argued that this may not be true, as stated by Hibiki’s “grandfather” (in reality, he is his uncle) during a conversion near the end of the Second Stage, that he remembers Magno always coming to play with the infant Hibiki on the colony ship. As such, she may merely be an age-old friend of his, during her days as a youth.

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